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See the news happening about community as the events unfold.  Congratulation to Mr. Noveed Asif and Team to be a part of CSC'S Project.  We strongly condemn attack on Christians in Pakistan.  Hope Protest against attacks on minorities in Pakistan.  Terrorism: We condemn slaughter of innocent people by terrorists in Pakistan an ... Read More »
HOPE for suffering humanity (HSH)

HOPE for Suffering Humanity (HSH) is a voluntary, non-government, non-profitable and non-political organization. We are registered under society's registration Act 1860. We are working to aware, promote and protect human rights. Focuses mainly on the right to development. The right to development is not about charity, but enablement and empowerment. Our vision is to empower and enable people to end suffering. According to us all peoples are entitled to participate in and contribute to and enjoy religious, economic, social, cultural, and political development.

We offer spiritual and formal education, training, and health facilities to those in need. We may provide legal assistance to victims of human rights in certain cases. We make people aware of their basic rights and help them to become active member of their community. According to Hope, “If you become aware of something, you can get rid of it very easily. If you are not aware of it, it remains with you".

Hope is striving to provide opportunities, encouragement, training and motivation to those in the most hopeless and helpless situation. Since its inception, HOPE has served over 1000 individuals in the province of Punjab. We are focusing on community development through quality education(spiritual & formal), necessary training and better health facilities. We train women and men, equipping them with the skills, methods and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and conditions in their communities. We organize people into self-help groups to gain a stronger voice.

HOPE: Where hopelessness is not an option and happiness is a gift received through self-recognition of interests, values, abilities and healthy living.